Thursday, October 06, 2005

Possible useful & unusual morphemes

  • "standard", "predefined idea" - e.g. "standard second month" = febuary, "standard first day" = Sunday. e.g. infix "o" - owundey (sunday), omunth (a month of the year), owik (a week that begins Sunday); not used with 'the'
  • "generalization" or "scope widening" affix - e.g. je
  • "specialization" or "specific" affix - spe
  • "unit distance or step away" affix - ste
  • "the path toward something" affix - e.g. "homtoo"=the path leading home
  • ...which is distinct from "a path or manner", "wey"
  • "direction along a path or axis" affix
  • "movement along a path or axis" affix - rd


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