Thursday, June 19, 2014

Painkiller Black ending script

Alistor is extremely difficult to understand so here is a transcription.

Daniel: Hold on Eve, I’ll get you out of here. (Demons surround Daniel. Alastor draws near.)

Alastor: Well done Daniel... well done.

Daniel: Alastor? What... I... I thought I killed you?

Alastor: Wha... Kill me? [laugh] You can’t kill me up there... you simply sent me back here. We can, however, be destroyed down here. [Motions toward Lucifer] I think he should have finished you off when he had the chance... but in the end, he was blinded by his infatuation with Eve, and it got the best of him... [laugh] I knew it would.

You put up more of a fight than I thought you would… Absorbing those demon souls has given you a tremendous amount of strength... I think it might have clouded your judgment.... Welcome to hell!

Daniel: I... I don’t understand...

Alastor: Of course you don’t, you foolish human. We could have overthrown Heaven ages ago, but Lucifer wasn’t confident we were ready. He thought we needed more demons... He thought we lacked the strength necessary. He gave them too much credit and wasted too much time. He was weak, he was shortsighted... and he had to be removed from power. [...sentence inaudible...] We all came here for Lucifer... You just happened to beat us to it. I didn’t think you could destroy him... regardless, had you not done it, we surely would have. I must admit I was shocked to see that you declined the offer into heaven. Ooh... bad decision.

Daniel: When I’m finished here, I’ll make my way up there.

Alastor: When you’re finished here? Ha! You’ll never be finished here! Ooh, I’m going to torture you for eternity... I’m going to enjoy watching you scream with pain as I slowly gut you. Don’t worry... you won’t feel much.

Daniel: Bring it on.


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