Saturday, November 12, 2005

$100 Laptop

My suggestions for this project.

  • Give own staff education about life in the third world
  • Ensure that "market forces" affect software (even hardware?) available for the machine
  • Invest large amounts in educational software
  • Provide ways for local people to create educational software and e-books
  • Address language barriers. Need efficient and effective localization infastructure; should promote an international language
  • Create "hi-res" (640x480, 800x600) version of the laptop
  • Develop theories about how the laptop could be used to improve economies and quality of life beyond simply having laptops. Use the "teach a man to fish" principle - but need short term benefits also.
  • Provide better development tools than LOGO for students
  • Develop a mono version of the .NET Compact Framework for the machine?
Note to self:
  • Get involved in the project somehow? I could...
  • Contact others who look smart and bring them in?
  • Help promote the project at companies & educational institutions, and solicit investment?


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