Friday, September 13, 2013

Someone stole my "FastNav SimpleGPS" prototype

Thanks for proving there's crime in my neighborhood, loser. You left the unlocked back door open as well as the glove compartment. I guess you avoid the door-closing sound that way. Anyway, it was a slow machine running a weird custom launcher app for Windows CE, and then if you pick "David's" in the "Navigation menu" you get my software (FastNavĀ® SimpleGPS). The battery on it sucks, so remember to keep it plugged in. I just hope you and your friends don't figure out how to hotwire cars from 1995.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Waking Mars: How to kill Feran Zoa

I planted Feran Zoa in The Meadow, which caused a severe problem because they kill the other plants, preventing me from getting enough biomass to proceed. Solution:
  • You will need one purple spore, a.k.a. the alkaline seed of cephad zoa. How to get purple spores? I'm not sure, I found one single spore in the Chamber of Echoes and planted it in some normal fertile soil to get more spores. Please note that Cephad plants easily create infestations just like the Feran Zoa that you are trying to kill, so be careful where you plant the spore. To prevent infestation, you can kill the cephad plant by throwing a red Feran Zoa seed at it, but if you just gather two spores, it temporarily stops producing more.
  • You will also need fertilizer (red). To get fertilizer, lure one of those crawling creatures (Phyta) into a Larian (the dangerous thing that drops a blue line from the ceiling). The Phyta's dead carcass will turn into fertilizer.
  • Throw a purple spore at a Feran Zoa. This won't kill it, the spore will just sit there. Wait a few seconds and the Feran Zoa will die, and the soil will become alkaline, preventing more Feran Zoas from growing there.
  • If your throw a red fertilizer at the purple spore, the feran zoa will die immediately. Plus, the alkaline soil will be enriched.